I crave the vulnerable parts of a person. I'm not interested in who you want to be seen as. Let's be vulnerable with each other. I want to connect. Let's talk about the things that scare us, our bad parts, the things that piss us off, the things that disappoint us and the things that cheer us up. I know too many people and yet know too few.
When I dream of the life that I want, it's certainly more than this. I want to fully experience and immerse myself in all that I have been given to enjoy in this life. When I'm told that hard work is the secret to having a full life, I can't accept it. Me working 9 to 5 every day at a job that is only there for the money will not be my life. No thank you. This cant be it. God did not put so much thought and consideration into this world for me to spend most of that time working and wishing I was doing anything else. I can't chase money. I chase after peace. I dream of a very simple life with significant, deep relationships, authentic experiences, transparency, and many many travel experiences.