New in my closet

I found my self in the Hudson’s Bay this weekend and scored some great finds.

This sexy spaghetti strap top with open sides

I can’t find the top on the American Topshop site but you can find it on the site below. I paid $10 for it. Granted it is a size 8 and I’m a size 4 but with a bit of altering it will be perfect.

These petite, high waisted flared jeans

I’ve been looking for petite flared jeans for forever. The fact that these were high waisted was a big bonus. There was only a size 8 left but it fit pretty good. The waist is big and I will need to get it altered. I should be able to get them to shrink down a bit as well with some intentional laundry procedures. I paid $45 for these.

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