I still love God

I hadn’t gone to church for about 4 weeks. I went to a new one this Sunday.

It’s just that I went to church because it’s what you (as a Christian)do not because I really wanted to. Not that you should only do the things that you want either but you know?

It wasn’t me giving up on God or rebelling or anything crazy. It was me taking that time to honestly sleep in and come to God on my own time in the comfort of my bed. I studied and dived into the word on my own and gained more as I was able to study what I needed.

I felt guilty not going because I knew how it would look to others but that personal time that I had I liked.

If I don’t want to go to church does that make me any less of a christian? I should not go if I don’t want to.

It’s good to go and have that kind of community around you but if I’m going just to go who is it benefiting?

God sees our hearts and our motives. There’s no fooling him.

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