Back to Basics: Sweat Sets

Comfortable and easy clothing are essential when working with Children. I got these sweat sets primarily for work but I’ve been wearing them more often outside the centre.

I noticed that adding a pair of heeled booties to the set created quite a look. I wear a combination of these items in a week. I may wear one set one week and alternate the tops with jeans and pants. I never wear the sweat pants with anything else but the matching top, otherwise it feels too casual for me.


I got each set for around $25 at Walmart (the black bottoms are from the boys section at $8 and the rest from the men’s section) The tops and bottoms were around $10-$12 each. I had to do a bit of cropping to make it fit.

I wouldn’t recommend getting the bottoms though. The material on the inner thigh tends to fuzz up. The crew necks are great quality though. Would recommend 10/10

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