Back to Black; Making The Switch To Minimalism

Minimalism (noun): a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity

A few things other than my hair color have changed in the past few months. I’ve been very attracted to the minimalism and the lifestyle as well. To me, it means sticking to the basics. Having just the necessities without the extra clutter. I am really trying to implement minimalism into other aspects of my life and not just with fashion.

My wardrobe now, excluding shoes and jewelry has narrowed down to 25 pieces. I am no longer on any social media. It’s a big time waster for me and it definitely adds to my habit of comparing myself to other people. Also, my goal is to simply enjoy life without feeling the need to post about it.


What I’m wearing:

-Faux leather Jacket ( will be keeping this one till I can get a real one): Forever 21

-Grey sleeveless high neck top: from a friend

-Black joggers: GAP

-Boots: Payless Shoe Source



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