Cheerful Weather For a Wedding

My family and I are currently en route back home from a trip we took to Vancouver for my cousins wedding.

The wedding was held on Saturday September 29th at a rowing club pavilion.

The views were beautiful and serene. The bride was stunning, the dress beautiful and flowy, fitted perfectly on the bride. The groom was handsome, and the wedding charming and intimate.

After the ceremony, the queue for pictures with the couple started. The reception started about 2 hours later. There was a lot of dancing and sweets.

I had a complimentary glass of champagne and a glass of wine later on. The rest of the night was a dance party.

For my look for the wedding I wore this

Ruffled maxi dress from Dolls Kill and I paired it with simple black heels. It was a bit dreary but warm and pleasant and the dress showed some side boob so a jacket was necessary. This patent black one did the trick.

Overall it was a great trip. The day before leaving Vancouver we had dinner with the newlyweds and my aunt and uncle, my cousin and her son. It was a good time to just catch up with each other and to get to know our cousin a little bit.

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