A midsummer’s day


If perfect days existed, I’m sure they would be beach days.

With the warmth of the sun, filling you up, warming you inside out. The soft sand, warm on your toes, invading every inch and crevice of your body.

The reflection of sun rays twinkling on the surface of the water. The smell of the ocean on your tongue, the taste of the water on the back of your throat.

The waves slapping against the shore, further smoothing the small pebbles, dragging more sand along with it.


Monday was a midsummer’s dream.

A group of my girls and I spent a beautiful day at Patricia Provincial Park beach (about an hour from Winnipeg). It’s a quiet beach with lots of greenery and very soft sand.

If you do go, be aware that a part of the beach is nude. We had the unfortunate luck of walking too far and coming up on it.

Also be sure to park outside of the gate to the beach to avoid paying the $5 entrance fee.

We found ourselves a semi-secluded section and camped there for the day. We caught up with each other, ate some watermelon, strawberries, and snacks.

We sunbathed, rode some waves, drank some lake water, played cards and just enjoyed the day. Later on, we got some ice cream and fries, swam a bit more, dried up and made our way back home.

Here’s to many more beach days to come!

I had a scoop of the cherry cheesecake from the canteen. So good!



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