The Fault In Our Stars

I came across this February 2018 horoscope on I curiously clicked on it and found my sign (Taurus). Normally I would write the whole thing off cause I don’t believe in the whole Astrology thing but I found the ‘coincidences’ in this one uncanny.

This week has been tough.  On several occasions, I found myself thinking about my living situation, wondering if it’s where I am supposed to be and if a move might be necessary. Also, thoughts of starting over at a job where I feel my talents are being wasted clouded my mind. So needless to say, I’ve been craving something new, different, exciting.

Just the other day, I got an email requesting that I come in for an interview next week.  I got quite excited. The Job position is one I never really considered but would love an opportunity to do. It seemed like my prayers were finally being answered.

And of course, being a girl who loves to dress up, I already created an outfit I would wear for the interview…… which by the way includes a pair of great pants.

Also, in the course of the week, I’ve had to reprimand myself for spending money (though it was on mostly necessary things).

Not working as much as I like has been difficult. There’s no more money to go out or buy things. I tried to do the whole minimal wardrobe thing when I was moving back home. I left most of my clothes back in Toronto and it’s difficult not having the variety to choose from. With being minimal, there are key pieces that are needed to create looks which I did not bring with me. And of course, there are bills that need to be taken care off. To sum it all up, another Job right now would be very beneficial.

As for romance, that’s where the coincidences end. I’m single and happily so and plan to be until I have a reason not be anymore. So there will be no make-outs in February or March…

After reading and evaluating I almost jumped fully on the bandwagon of people who believe in astrology based on my self-determined accuracy of the scope. But then I stopped.

This one horoscope had given me more assurance and hope in one minute than I’ve felt in all my life. Which is troubling because I have seen God do amazing things in my life and bring me out of difficult situations and bless me over and over again but then the moment I start struggling, I lose hope and I have to work hard at keeping it alive.

I don’t understand how it (horoscopes, stars, astrology, planets, etc) all works and I won’t take unnecessary time trying to. it’s one of those things that are not necessarily big evils. It’s not as if the bible says explicitly that it is a sin. Horoscopes could just be fun but the problem I see is that in that moment,  it created a spirit of expectancy in me that wasn’t from God and wasn’t founded in anything solid. For me, anything that takes the role of God in your life is not good.










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